We deliver large-scale transformational change for Capital Markets and Corporate Banking clients through professional services and Bibox – our shared services platform

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A new approach to driving execution-focussed change

FireDrake is a team of ex-bankers experienced at delivering large-scale transformational and regulatory change for capital markets and corporate banking clients.

We provide a diverse range of services and products to transform at pace, including our shared services platform BiBox, enabling banks to address their issues at source and to get away from legacy limitations, using digitalisation principles.

FireDrake is not a company selling a one-size-fits-all solution. We engage with new or existing clients in a flexible and adaptable way to suit the needs of each client depending on their risk appetite and changing business demands. In order to address the core issues and deliver the right mix of products and services, FireDrake has a variety of ‘entry’ points for our clients to engage us through:
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Our services – whether Digital Services, Technology Services or Traditional Consulting – are wrapped around our digital capabilities to support our clients in all aspects of their digital transformation journey.

Our vision is for BiBox to become the leading financial services platform for end-to-end workflows, where vendors, fintechs and banks jointly engage and provide solutions to service clients’ needs in a cost-efficient and seamless manner.

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“The financial industry is entering an era where collaboration will be one of the gears for exponential growth. Accelerating integration and distributing cutting edge technologies that better serve the end client is now fundamental. One way to achieve this model is via an orchestrator, such as BiBox, which connects banks and fintech partners."

Christophe Pechoux
Global Head of Innovation at Santander

"FireDrake is unlike the big strategic consultancies because they are more delivery–focussed and also because they get to the root cause of a problem. The fact that they are from a financial services background is very helpful."

Sean Gilchrist
Channels Director and Commercial Digital Director